Over Your Dead Body

Over Your Dead Body
  • Tuesday, June 2, 22:45 Mousonturm Saal
  • Friday, June 5, 22:45 Mal Seh'n Kino
  • 喰女 – クイメ –
  • Japan 2014, DCP, 94 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Takashi MIIKE
  • Script: Kikumi YAMAGISHI
  • Production: Sedic International, OLM
  • Camera: Nobuyasu KITA
  • Music: Koji ENDO
  • World sales: Celluloid Dreams
  • Cast: Ebizo ICHIKAWA, Ko SHIBASAKI, Hideaki ITO, Miho NAKANISHI, Maiko
  • German premiere
  • Competition Nippon Cinema Award


Kosuke and Miyuki are a couple and rehearse a play about a husband poisoning his wife because he wants to be with a younger woman. Fiction und reality blend when Miyuki discovers Kosuke’s affair with the actress playing the role of that young woman. With this slow burning horror movie, Takashi MIIKE returns to the cold, elegant and shocking beauty of his masterpiece AUDITION.

Director Bio
Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1960, Takashi MIIKE attended Shohei IMAMURA’s courses at the Film University of Yokohama. He gave his directorial debut in 1991 wih LADY HUNTER and has since made more than 90 films and TV series of all genres. He is one of the most successful Japanese directors internationally.

1991 Lady Hunter (Lady Hunter – Koroshi no prelude); 1999 Audition / Dead or Alive; 2000 Ichi the Killer (Koroshiya ichi / NC '02); 2003 Happiness of the Katakuris (Katakurike no kofuku / NC '03); 2004 Izo (NC '05); 2007 Sukiyaki Western Django; 2009 Crows Zero II (NC '10); 2011 Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (Ichimei / NC '12); 2012 For Love's Sake (Ai to Makoto / NC '13) / Lesson of the Evil (Aku no kyoten / NC '14)

  • Supporting film: RAPPA
  • by Yuki NAKAJIMA, Japan 2014, 5 min, Japanese with English Subtitles


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