Walking with My Mother

Walking with My Mother


The sudden death of her daughter being followed by the loss of her husband, 78 year old Suchie SAKAGUCHI struggles with depression and panic attacks. Encouraged by her sister, she moves away from Tokyo back to her hometown to find relief and help in a familiar and warm environment. Director Katsumi SAKAGUCHI creates a very intimate and strong portrait of his mother, who faces grief and loss, by accompanying her with his camera for over four years.

Director Bio
Katsumi SAKAGUCHI was born in 1955. After directing more than 200 TV documentaries, mostly on families and young adults, his first feauture film BLUE TOWER was completed in 2000. SAKAGUCHI also wrote the novel "Tozasareta Gekijo".

2000 Blue Tower (Ao no to); 2002 Catharsis; 2011 Sleep (Nemuriyusurika); 2012 Atomic Bomb Home (Natsu no inori)

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