©1983 Kitty Film
  • Sunday, June 7, 18:00 Cinema in the German Film Museum
    (Tickets only available at the German Film Museum)
  • ションベン・ライダー
    Shonben raida
  • Japan 1983, 35mm, 118 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Shinji SOMAI
  • Script: Takuya NISHIOKA, Chieko Schrader, Leonard Schrader
  • Camera: Akihiro ITO, Masaki TAMURA
  • Music: Katsu HOSHI
  • Rights: Kitty Films
  • Copie: National Film Center Tokyo
  • Cast: Tatsuya FUJI, Michiko KAWAI, Masatoshi NAGASE
  • German premiere

When class bully Debunaga is kidnapped by Yakuza, three of his classmates set out to look for him. Their bizarre roadtrip leads them not just into the dark underworld of the Yakuza but into the world of adults which appears more dangerous and dull then they expected. Declared as his masterpiece by many critics, SOMAI’s long takes in this film underline the impressive performance of the young actors. Wild and relentless, they confront the adults not only with their search for their classmate but also with the quest for the meaning of life (as an adult) and identity.

In cooperation with the Japan Foundation Tokyo and the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne
From the collection of the National Film Center Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo



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