Dreamy Fifteen

Dreamy Fifteen
© 1980 Toho Co., Ltd.
  • Friday, June 6, 18:00, Cinema in the German Film Museum
    (Tickets only available at the German Film Museum)
  • 翔んだカップル
    Tonda kappuru
  • Japan 1980, 16mm, 106 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Shinji SOMAI
  • Script: Shoichi MARUYAMA nach einem Manga von Kimio YANAGISAWA
  • Camera: Nobumasa MIZUNOO
  • Music: Izumi KOBAYASHI
  • World sales: Toho
  • Copy: Japan Foundation
  • Cast: Shingo TSURUMI, Hiroko YAKUSHIMARU, Mieko HARADA, Hiroshi MADOKA
  • German premiere

Due to an error of the real estate office, 10th-graders Yusuke and Kei unintentionally find themselves as housemates in Yosuke’s uncle’s house while he is away – a fact that the two have to hide in order not to get expulsed from school. After accepting the situation as a necessary inconvenience, they soon become secret comrades and even discover first love. Based on a manga, SOMAI’s first feature film already shows the typical handwriting of his future filmmaking – very long takes in which the actors can give their best.

In cooperation with the Japan Foundation Tokyo and the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne


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