• Saturday, June 6, 22:30 Cinema in the German Film Museum
    (Tickets only available at the German Film Museum)
  • 風花
  • Japan 2000, 16mm, 116 min, Japanese with German subtitles
  • Director: Shinji SOMAI
  • Script: Raimi MORI based on a novel by Sho NARUMI
  • Camera: Hiroshi MACHIDA
  • Music: Yoshihide OTOMO
  • Distribution: Japanisches Kulturinstitut Köln (The Japan Foundation)
  • Cast: Kyoko KOIZUMI, Tadanobu ASANO, Kumiko ASO, Toshinori OMI
  • With an introduction by Kazuyoshi KUMAKIRI
  • Entrance free

The winner of our first NIPPON HONOR AWARD, Tadanobu ASANO, delivers a convincing performance as Yasushi, a young and promising civil servant who is starting to lose track of his career. At his side, Kyoko KOIZUMI gives the film a good share of its momentum by playing Yuriko, a young mother who has moved from Hokkaido to Tokyo to earn money and hasn’t seen her daughter in five years. Spontaneously, the two take a trip together to Yuriko’s hometown, growing ever more attached to each other during their journey. In the last film he was able to finish before his death, SOMAI develops a tender story about young people’s search for their identities.

In cooperation with the Japan Foundation Tokyo and the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne


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